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Denver Metro BOMA wants to keep you in the know. Please check  this page frequently for information on how to keep your employees, tenants and building and its surrounding property safe.

Public Safety Task Force

In this ever increasing time of unrest, it is critical that our BOMA Members are able to be aware of the resources available to report incidents on their properties. The Denver Metro BOMA Board created a Public Safety Task Force comprised of of Senior Leaders in our member Companies. Even if it is not 9-1-1 worthy, reporting is the key for us to help you receive more city resources to protect your staff, tenants and property.

Denver Metro BOMA: Help Denver Metro BOMA share incidents and costs with local officials by filling out our internal incident data collection HERE

Facility Safety Adminstrator

Per the City and County of Denver and the Denver Fire Department, as of January 2023, it is now mandatory for all high-rise buildings to have at least one licensed Fire Safety Administrator (FSA) who has completed the required FSA training. By December 2024, all high-rise buildings must have a licensed FSA in place. Denver Metro BOMA Members are offering discounts to BOMA Members for training. Watch the weekly announcements for course dates.

Letter of Announcement -


Fire Life Safety Systems Licensing:

Denver Alerts: Emergency & Information Resources

Denver Police Department – Report an Incident

Denver 311 provides residents with an effortless, accessible way to navigate city services. Our contact center staff demonstrate unparalleled customer service values, are leaders in innovative problem-solving, and deliver an unprecedented commitment to assist. Access 311 Services Directly Online: Want fast access to 311 Services in the City and County of Denver? Visit now to report an issue or get answers to common questions on your desktop or mobile device.

The Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP) has shared their information on the Public Shared Radio Network with BOMA members. There is a one time cost (Radio purchase) associated with joining our Public Shared Radio Network.  The DDP does not charge service fees or annual fees to partner with them and wanted to make this as low cost as possible to create a safe downtown environment.  This real time radio networks allows 2 way communications between subscribers. Having this capability allows information sharing that helps protect not only your property but also the properties around you.

Public Safety Radio Link Subscriber Agreement Regulations
Public Shared Radio Network User Manual
Signature Page for New Subscribers
Subscriber Radio Choices

Informational Alerts effecting Denver business districts. Protests, Crime, 16th Street Mall, Block Safety Program. Contact: Ryan Ertman, Director, Safety and Security w/ DDP


We know that Homelessness has become a persistent problem for all building owners. BOMA International has created Homelessness Fact Sheet which shares some best practices in other communities and highlights how Denver Metro BOMA is working to protect our community. View the report HERE.

Read the Common Sense Institute October 2022 Denver Metro State of the Homeless Study HERE

Civil Unrest Resources

What Is Civil Unrest?
Peaceful demonstrations and protests that abide by the law, such as the Women's March, do not constitute civil unrest. Civil unrest is typically defined by law enforcement as a gathering of three or more people, in reaction to an event, with the intention of causing a public disturbance in violation of the law. Civil unrest typically involves damage to property or injury to other people.

BOMA International has published a preparedness guide to help keep your building safe during the 2020 elections. This guide was reviewed and approved by the Denver Police Department and recommend it as a good resource for property managers.

BOMA International Civil Unrest Guide

Colorado Emergency Preparedness Guide

The purpose of the State Emergency Response Guide is to offer quick reference procedures for handling an emergency situation in the work environment. Per 8 CCR 1507-41 Rules and Regulations Concerning Building Security and Occupant Protection, this Emergency Response Guide serves as the standardized guide to be used by State employees during emergency situations. The Table of Contents lists types of emergencies that an employee may encounter.

Other resources from the State of Colorado's Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management can be found HERE

Other Resources

Real Estate Information Sharing Analysis Center (RE-ISAC)
Public-private information sharing entity sharing communications from RE-ISAC (including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security) to the real estate sector most often in the form of Alerts and Informational Bulletins. (BOMA Members only)
Contact: John Bryant w/ BOMA

Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC)
Center collecting, analysis and timely dissemination of all-hazards information as well as the sharing of best practices.
Declassified awareness bulletins
Email Alerts (upon approval of CIAC)
Contact: Pam Webster, Department of Public Safety

Active Resources: Emergency Notification

Twitter (Denver authorities first line of emergency notification)
Office of Emergency Management @Denver OEM
DPD @DenverPolice
DFD @Denver_Fire
City of Denver @CityofDenver

Reverse 911 registration
Sign up at

Integrated Public Alert & Waring System
(automatic is affected area)

Helpful Webinars

We hope you were able to attend BOMA's coffee chat with the Denver Police Department. In case you missed it, we have included a link to the presentation below.

Click here to watch the recorded webinar (please use passcode below)
Passcode: wF04+Cmn

Homeland Security: Webinar on Preparing for a New Era of Civil Unrest

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