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Mentorship is a powerful, personal development relationship, in which a more experienced person helps guide someone with less experience.

Denver Metro BOMA’s mentorship program was created to assist members who are new to the property management industry (mainly Emerging Leaders) and would benefit from mentorship. The sustainable success of any industry relies upon leveraging and sharing the invaluable wealth of knowledge of seasoned professionals with new members in the industry. The intent of the program is to match enthusiastic, but less experienced new members with seasoned, well-experienced property management professionals. Mentor/Mentee relationships have proven to be extremely effective in many industries.
Why Have a Mentorship Program?
• Increase job retention in the industry
• Give support to young professionals
• Pass on valuable knowledge to the next generation of commercial real estate leaders
• Provide a sounding board and professional advice
• Promote individual learning and growth
• Provide insight and guidance

Program Intent 
The intent is for mentees to have a sounding board who they can reach out to on matters such as: overall career direction, including but not limited to, career development, industry trends, educational opportunities, industry advice or guidance. This program is not intended to be a counseling service, but one where a less experienced professional can receive guidance on how to become a more valuable industry asset, and to have a planned pathway to a rewarding career. While the program may afford an opportunity for some mentees to advance in their careers through the connections they make, the main goal of the program is education and not career networking. The program will create and foster a professional and personal relationship that will continue even when the program ends.

Mentors may either be a current or recently retired employee of a Denver Metro BOMA member company. Mentee program is available to Denver Metro BOMA Emerging Professionals, who have seven years or less experience in commercial property management. Please see the Mentee Information document for further details.

Program Format

  • Duration: The mentorship program is a six month-long session. Success will only be realized if both parties feel the sessions are powerful, effective, poignant and progress is being made. As a result, Denver Metro BOMA requires both mentors and mentees to be willing to commit at least six months to the program. After six months, mentors and mentees can sign up for the next six-month session with either the same person or a new person.
  • Interaction: Between four and six meetings for at least one hour each. Minimum of four meetings.
  • Recommendation: 1 x 60-minute meeting every two months.
  • Meeting Format: Sessions can be a combination of telephone and in-person.
  • Recommendation: As many in-person meetings as possible, and whatever method best serves both parties.

Keys to Success

  • Confidentiality – there must be a level of trust between the mentor and mentee. This is based upon mutual trust and a commitment to maintaining confidentiality of the topics discussed.
  • Commitment from the mentor and mentee to set aside the minimum amount of time required for the sessions and give one another their full attention.
  • When a mentee has clear and concise objectives, i.e. “I would like to be promoted to a senior property management position within five years.”
  • Establishing what the mentee wants to gain from the program at the Introductory Session.
  • Mentors who have a desire to help others.
  • Mutual respect – providing each other with a reasonable amount of notice if a session must be cancelled and re-scheduling the session quickly.
  • Understanding and maintaining professional boundaries

Matching Mentors with Mentees
Denver Metro BOMA will match a mentor with a suitable mentee based on objectives and skill sets. The Mentor/Mentee must meet in person for an initial Introductory Session at the Kick-Off Event to discuss the number, frequency and format of the sessions, and get to know each other. If Denver Metro BOMA is unable to find an appropriate match, the mentor will be notified.

How to Get Involved
Please click the buttons below to fill out the Mentor or Mentee Application. Encourage your coworkers and others within the industry to participate as either a mentor or a mentee.

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