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Denver Metro BOMA Membership Information

Denver Metro BOMA has two primary membership categories - Building memberships and Associate memberships. Building memberships are comprised of office, medical, industrial, retail, and government buildings. Denver Metro BOMA Membership run on an annual basis with all membership expiring on December 31st of the current year.

Associate memberships are comprised of the companies that service commercial real estate properties. Such companies include anything from general contractors, landscapers, janitorial companies, etc., to real estate attorney's, tax professionals, and architectural firms.

Building Memberships

This page has been updated to reflect 2024 Dues Pricing.

Building Membership dues include One Primary Building Representative as well as anyone on the property management staff who work in the member building.

Each Building Member Representative receives complimentary meetings, reduced rates on BOMA Events, listing in the Denver Metro BOMA on-line directory, BOMA communications, the opportunity to serve on committees and BOMA International affiliation.

The additional property management staff signed up under the member building can include the Senior Executive, Building Engineer and Emerging Professional. These additional (and complimentary) memberships are required to work at a current BOMA member building. These members enjoy membership benefits, including a listing in the Denver Metro BOMA directory, BOMA communications and the opportunity to serve on committees.

PRINCIPAL: A Principal Member shall be a shopping center, warehouse, single-purpose, mixed-use, medical office, or any other commercial office building of at least 5,000 square feet and shall be located in the service area. Each Principal Member building shall be represented by the owner of record or its designated representative. Each Principal Member company that owns or manages a portfolio of multiple buildings must select as the member building at least the largest building in terms of square feet for membership, and preferably all the buildings owned. Each Principal member building may also have Building Engineers* and Emerging Professionals** who work in the building as representatives. Only the Principal Member representatives shall be affiliated with BOMA International through their local membership.


The currently approved Dues Structure is as follows:



Less than 49,999 square feet                                      $1725

50,000- 99,999 square feet                                         $2290

100,000 – 199,999 square feet                                   $2920

200,000 – 299,999 square feet                                   $3540

300,000 – 399,999 square feet                                   $4105

400,000 – 499,999 square feet                                   $4750

500,000 – 599,999 square feet                                   $5355

600,000 – 799,999 square feet                                   $5630

More than 800,000 square feet                                  $6110


CAMPUS/MULTIPLE BUILDING (same ownership, management team, and same parcel or neighboring parcel)

</= 150,000 square feet                                            $2140

150,001 to 300,000 square feet                               $2905

300,001 to 600,000 square feet                              $4445

>/= 600,001 square feet                                           $5545


INDUSTRIAL PORTFOLIO (portfolio is by the management team, not company/owner)

Portfolio < 2 million square feet                              $1700

Portfolio 2 million to 4 million square feet.           $2145

Portfolio > 4 million square feet.                             $2850


RETAIL PORTFOLIO (portfolioisbycompanyormanagement team)

Portfolio < 50K square feet                                       $1700

Portfolio 50 – 500K square feet                               $2145

Portfolio > 500K square feet                                     $2850


Government membership shall be the designated representative of a government agency that uses the real property.   $1925

Associate Memberships

An Associate Member is a firm or company engaged in the manufacture, sale or providing of services, supplies and materials used in the operations of Member buildings.

The Associate Member representative receives complimentary Membership Meetings, member pricing on BOMA events, ability to serve on committees, and listing(s) in our online service directory.

Associate Member representatives shall be affiliated with BOMA International through their membership. In order to provide the exceptional value (and to maximize exposure to those with building memberships) the number of Associate Member representative is restricted to a 1:1 Associate to Building member ratio as determined by policy of the Board. If the ratio exceeds 1:1, new Associate members will be waitlisted until an available spot becomes available.

ASSOCIATE: Denver Metro BOMA has two categories of vendor membership:

Allied- Membership is by company. Only the Designated Representative shall automatically receive BOMA-International and Denver Metro BOMA benefits. Allied Membership shall be open to firms or corporations providing services to the commercial real estate industry, for example, those connected with building systems, janitorial, landscape, construction, restoration, etc.

$2225 per year w/ up to two additional at $1350 ea.

Professional- Membership is by company. Only the Primary Representative shall automatically receive BOMA-International and Denver Metro BOMA benefits.

Professional Membership shall be members of recognized professions associated with the commercial real estate industry, such as Architects, Attorneys, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Consulting Engineers, Certified Public Accountants, Real Estate Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Utility agencies, and Real Estate Management Consultants.

$2225 per year w/ up to two additional at $1350 ea.

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