Ronald L. Simpson Scholarship

Purpose: A mission of Denver Metro BOMA iavialables to provide professional development opportunities to its membership.  To support this initiative, Denver Metro BOMA will offer a scholarship in the name of a long time BOMA Member and supporter of education – Ronald L. Simpson.  This scholarship may be used to take courses toward the achievement of a BOMI designation and the BOMA Foundations of Commercial Real Estate Course. Scholarships available may vary year to year.

Who is Eligible?

·         Employees of a Denver Metro BOMA Building Member or Associate Member Company.

·         Individuals with a minimum of one year of experience in property management or systems maintenance.

·         Self-supporting students (not receiving tuition reimbursement).  However, if the employer pays a portion, the application may be made for the balance.

·         The scholarship will be awarded to an individual only once unless there are no additional qualified candidates in the application pool.


How to Apply

·         Submit a completed scholarship application.

·         Submit a typed letter of recommendation from employer.

·         Submit a typed letter of recommendation from any of the following:

o   Current Denver Metro BOMA Board Member or BOMA Fellow

o   A person who has achieved RPA, FMA, or SMA designation.

o   Community leader (minister, chairman community project, officer or director non-profit real estate or civic association).

·         Submit a brief personal letter describing applicants’ professional background and involvement in BOMA or other professional or civic organizations, why the applicant is seeking a designation, and why the applicant is applying for the scholarship.

·         Be able/willing to participate in a personal interview with the Scholarship Review Task Force if requested


Recipient Requirements

·         Classes must be taken in the classroom when classroom study is available.

·         Must pass the course before the scholarship is applied to the next course.

·         Must be willing for BOMA to contact the employer and/or references regarding verification of submission.

·         The recipient will be awarded half of two BOMI sanctioned courses leading to the FMA, RPA or SMA designation or full registration for BOMA Foundations Course, which must be taken in one calendar year (Jan. – Dec.). 

·         The Scholarship is exclusive of any and all other fees, including designation enrollment, etc.


How the Selection is Made

The following will be evaluated by the Scholarship Review Task Force in determining the scholarship recipient:

·         Desire to achieve RPA, SMA or FMA professional designation as explained in the personal letter.

·         Financial need of the participant as explained in the personal letter.

·         Participation in BOMA or other related organizations.

·         Civic participation.

·         Education and other professional designations.

·         Two letters of recommendation (From employer and one related to either professional or community involvement).

·         Presentation in a personal interview, if requested.


Contact for more details. Submit your application here.

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