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BOMA Colorado PAC




Contribute now to the local Colorado BOMA PAC as an individual, business or corporation.

Denver Metro BOMA and Southern Colorado BOMA's Political Action Committee (PAC) is officially known as the Colorado Building Owners and Managers Political Committee. 

In every two year election cycle, Colorado BOMA PAC raises funds to support State of Colorado Candidates running for office and whom support legislative initiatives that will support the BOMA Members' industry.  BOMA Colorado is active in state legislation, and it is imperative that BOMA has a voice in who gets elected to represent our industry. Since the creation of the BOMA Colorado PAC, BOMA has contributed to many successful state legislative campaigns.

  • Political committees may not accept more than $575 per contributor per House of Representatives election cycle (every two years).  
  • The current election cycle is December 2018 to December 2020.
  • BOMA is seeking PAC contributions from either individuals, businesses or corporations, not to exceed $575 in a two-year cycle.


Individuals can also contribute to the BOMA International federal PAC now as well!  Please note:  
BOMA International Federal PAC does not allow for corporate donations.  

2019 Annual Partners: