BOMA 2020 Membership Rates

Building Memberships

Building Membership dues include One Building Representative and unlimited Complimentary Emerging Professionals and/or Building Engineers who work in the member building.  

Each Building Member Representative receives complimentary meetings, reduced rates on BOMA Events, listing in the Denver Metro BOMA on-line directory, BOMA communications, the opportunity to serve on committees and BOMA International affiliation.  

Both the Building Engineer and Emerging Professional designated members enjoy membership benefits, including a listing in the Denver Metro BOMA directory, BOMA communications and the opportunity to serve on committees.

For any questions regarding membership, please contact the BOMA office.  

Membership based on square footage of building. Office Building: Join today!  Medical Building: Join today!

Less than 49,999 square feet  


50,000- 99,999 square feet


100,000 – 199,999 square feet


200,000 – 299,999 square feet


300,000 – 399,999 square feet


400,000 – 499,999 square feet


500,000 – 599,999 square feet


600,000 – 799,999 square feet


More than 800,000 square feet 



Same ownership, management team, and same parcel or neighboring parcel. Join today!

         150,000 square feet of less


          150,001 to 300,000 square feet


          300,001 to 600,000 square feet


           600,001 square feet or more


Portfolio is by management team not company/owner. Join today!

Portfolio less than 2 million square feet


Portfolio 2 million to 4 million square feet


Portfolio more than 4 million square feet



Portfolio is by company or management team. Join today!

          Portfolio less than 50,000 square feet


          Portfolio 50,000 – 500,000 square feet


          Portfolio more than 500,000 square feet


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Additional staff membership is open to individuals employed by a Commercial Real Estate Firm or Owner (must be a registered BOMA member), to include Assistant Property Managers, Administrative Assistants, Receptionists, Bookkeepers, Leasing Agents, or others. Each Building Member building is allowed up to three (3) Additional building representatives (other than the Emerging Professionals and Building Engineers). This includes membership meetings and BOMA International affiliation.

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Senior Executive membership is open to those working in the Commercial Real Estate Industry at a senior level and are not part of the team connected to a property or portfolio of properties. Includes, but not limited to Directors, Managing Directors, Vice Presidents, and Principals.

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A Government Member shall be the designated representative of a government agency that uses real property.

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$325 per year for two years

 An Emerging Professional or Emerging Engineer is defined as any level of emerging professional, with 5 years of less in the commercial real estate industry, and who works as a tenant service coordinator, assistant property manager, or as part of the property management team in the member building. This membership includes access to BOMA luncheons. 

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 Membership is open to individuals employed by a commercial real estate firm or owner.


To join, contact the BOMA office!



 An Membership is designated for those individuals who are currently enrolled full-time in a college/technical school, and who are interested in the commercial real estate industry. 

Associate Memberships

An Associate Member shall be a firm or corporation engaged in the manufacture, sale or providing of services, supplies and materials used in the operations of Member buildings.

The Associate Member representative receives complimentary Membership Meetings, member pricing on BOMA events, ability to serve on committees, and listing(s) in our online service directory.

Associate Member representatives shall be affiliated with BOMA International through their local membership. An Allied Member representative may not vote or hold office. The number of Associate Member representative shall be restricted as determined by policy of the Board.

Associate Member Wait List

Due to the Denver Metro BOMA membership ratio (1 principal/real estate member to 1 associate member) set by the Board of Directors, there is currently a wait list at this time for allied membership. If you wish to join the wait list, there is a one-time application processing fee of $250. Once you have been invited to become a member you will pay your annual dues.

Please click here to apply to BOMA's Associate Member Waitlist.







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