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Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Friday, July 13, 2018  
Posted by: Jeannie Bernard
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 Under the Denver Building and Fire Code (amended December 19, 2016), all single-occupant restrooms within the City and County of Denver must have signage indicating that they are open for use to all persons, regardless of gender. A single-occupant restroom is one that contains only one toilet and a sink, or a toilet and urinal with a sink, and is intended for use by one occupant at a time. Family or assisted-use restrooms must also be designated as gender-neutral.

In most cases, the only change that will be required for existing single-occupant restrooms is an update to the restroom signage to clearly show it is open to use by all genders. However, some existing single-occupant restrooms may also need to add a lock to the exterior door of the single-occupant restroom, as the door must be lockable from the inside. This includes single-stall restrooms where the toilet is contained inside a second compartment (e.g., behind a stall door). This does not apply to restrooms having multiple stalls.

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