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Vote NO on Denver's Green Roof Initiative

Wednesday, October 18, 2017  
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Citizens for a Responsible Denver

I-300 is WRONG for Denver

In November 2017, Denver residents will be asked to vote on I-300—the “Green Roof Initiative.” This initiative will be detrimental to Denver for years to come.

The Denver Post Editorial Board on March 14, 2017 came out against a green roof mandate saying: “Green roofs should not be mandated by a highly prescriptive law, as supporters of the ballot measure are proposing.”

In a story on March 5, 2017, The Denver Post stated that “Rules would be among most stringent in U.S.” and that “Denver updated its building code last year. The Department of Community Planning and Development was hesitant to pursue a green roof mandate.”

If I-300 passes in November

Denver housing costs will continue to skyrocket. This mandate would drive up building and maintenance costs, which will be passed-on as higher rents and higher housing costs, putting housing further out-of-reach for many families.

New construction and replaced roofs would be required to install green roofs rather than given the option. Green roofs should not be a mandate on all new construction and replaced roofs. We should be given the choice and incentives for those who decide they want to have a green rooftop. Do NOT gamble away Denver’s future with a harmful mandate that does not allow for any flexibility.


Vote NO on I-300 on November 7th!


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